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Investment Approach


Investment Thesis

STC looks for cleantech companies seeking international networks

for global expansion, technological development expertise and operational skill sets.


Investment Stage

Our preferred investment focus is on series A and B rounds. We are also open to investing

in more established businesses that would like to partner with us to accelerate their



Investment Size

This depends on the clients mandate.  However, a typical initial investment size is €1 to €3 million, 

with €4 to €6 million per company over the life of an investment. We prefer minority positions

and an active board seat, supporting the management team with the resources and skills that are

required to succeed.


Investment Process

Through proactive searches for companies and a visible profile in relevant networks, we

constantly look for and evaluate investible opportunities.  We like to spend enough time to get

to understand what a company has to offer from a ‘cleantech’ perspective- what the benefits to

society and nature can be- as well as the traditional potential economic benefits.  We then engage

in a thorough Due Diligence process that includes a more rigorous sustainability, market,

financial and legal analysis prior to the ultimate investment decision.





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